Chris Brown sparked rumors of a possible reunion with his ex-girlfriend and fellow music legend, Rihanna, on Friday, when he disclosed his idea of doing a world tour with Rihanna, Beyonce and Bruno Mars.
It is safe to say we all witnessed the happy start and tragic end of their famous relationship. What started like a replica of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s love quickly turned out to be one of the most violent relationships in Celebrity romance history. Chris Brown was arrested, Rihanna was battered and eventually, they parted ways like they never met before. Below are 7 interesting facts about their history together.
1) Their first Public appearance was in 2005: This is where it all started. This is the first time both of them were ever spotted together. It happened at the 2005 Vibe Awards. Rihanna, then 17-year-old, introduced a 16-year-old Chris Brown to the stage for him to perform his song Run It. What seemed like just a brief encounter here, turned out to be a journey both of them will never forget.
2) Chris Brown disclosed their relationship to the press in 2008: After denying the romantic relationship between him and Rihanna on numerous occasions, Chris Brown eventually confessed in 2008 that they are taking their relationship to the next level. He said “Our relationship is growing. We started off as friends and we’re getting a little bit closer now.” However, Rihanna was not ready to own-up to the fling as she denied the relationship when asked to discuss it.
3) The misunderstanding started in July 2008: Two months after Chris Brown disclosed their relationship, their differences started to pop-up. Chris Brown wanted Rihanna to stop wearing revealing outfits, but Bad-girl Riri, was not willing to obey that command. Well, she is still not willing to obey that command. The red-flag here was not enough to deter the two lovebirds from seeing the obvious.
4) The Grammy Fight: Since a league of tell-tale signs could not could not Rihanna, a blow to the head was required to pass the message. The duo suddenly cancelled their performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards, with the excuse that they were involved in a car accident. The true nature of the accident was revealed the next day, when Chris reported himself to the Los Angeles Police Department for questioning regarding charges of a felony. At the time, the woman was unnamed but eventually, the name of the woman turned out to be Rihanna.

5) The Scandal that followed: After the shocking fight, and arrest, Chris was released on $50 thousand dollar bail. He skipped a prison sentence by accepting almost a week-long community service. Chris was however, haunted by his actions on the Grammy eve for a very long time. The press kept puzzling him into sudden outbursts on live TV. Rihanna turned out to be come America’s sweetheart while Chris later became an ex-convict.
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