A sex-craze teacher romped with a 16-year-old pupil at her house then begged him not to end their relationship.Melissa Bonkoski believed she was being “smart” by using a burner phone to conceal the tryst but she was rumbled when the lad’s girlfriend discovered raunchy texts. The 38-year-old kissed the teenager in her car multiple times and allowed him to touch her breasts.Bonkoski resigned as a science teacher from Owen J. Roberts High School, Pennsylvania, after education bosses demanded she quit when she was charged last August. A court heard in December 2016, she lured him back to her house by inviting him to watch TV then romped with him and let him stay the night. She became so obsessed with the pupil she sent him messages pleading with him not to stop seeing her.One said: “Whatever you do, please don’t shut me out. I’m begging you.” The teenager later told cops he didn’t want to get with her but she forced it, and revealed he was upset he had cheated on his girlfriend. He claimed he was left “in shock” because he “never thought he would kiss a teacher”. Prosecutor Emily Provencher said: “The victim wanted the teacher to stop. He was worried if he stopped kissing the teacher she would not give him rides home anymore.” Bonkoski is now facing up to 36 months in jail after pleading guilty to institutional sexual assault and unlawful contact with a minor. She was freed on bail to be sentenced at a later date.Photo Credit: Getty


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