Former BBN housemate Uriel has opened through her Instagram stories how Dija helped her out when she was down. According to her, Dija ordered hair from her via her Instagram page and payed upfront which she used to purchase the hair and made money to get by. Via her stories she tells of her financial struggles and victories and she profusely thanks the  “auww” crooner

I remember when i was 16 my friends mother bought her a car.. I cried because i knew my mother didn’t have money to buy me a car, We were just managing to eat.

My mum told me don’t cry, life is turn by turn, You will get yours, be happy never compare yourself to anyone.

Now as a grown woman, i don’t care who you are, what you drive, the shoes or hair you have,. the amount of slay in your account. Range Rover of not i will pull up in my uber and make a bigger impression

Why.. Because i’m me and that car, that man, Money, Family, whatever!! will come

When i auditioned, i told myself this was it. This is my last chance otherwise i am a failure.. i made it, Never gave up and it paid off

Don’t wait for anyone to make you, before big brother mehn,, i was heartbroken, squatting.. I would sit and sew wigs, sell my personal wigs just to have money, 5 years relationship broken down in the worst way.

People like Dija.. helped me she probably doesn’t know.

But i feel God used her when i was soo broke God would use her then to DM me and she would order hair.. Pay upfront I would use her money to order the HAIR in.

There is always a light waiting for you to find it. Don’t let the spirit of doubt cloud you. You will be great, You are great

DIja.. Mavins will for ever love u sis, what ever you are going through God will make a way where there is no way”
Photo credit: Uriel


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