South Sudanese-born top model, Nyakim-Gatwech, has taken to social media to share some inspiring words, as she releases new stunning images.Nyakim-Gatwech popularly called “The Queen of Dark” because of how she models in her unique skin colour, wows as she shares thought provoking messages to her followers on Instagram.The 24-year-old model who has been the darling on social media platforms because of her very distinctive dark complexion and for not trying to tone her skin, wrote: “in the coming years let’s make sure we teach our young ones to know their worth to know their potential in life to know that they loved no matter what, that beauty isn’t everything that being dark dark skin is beautiful let’s continue breaking down those barriers together let’s our melanin keep popping. Being dark skin is not only popping for now it’s not trend is not for  season or a year is for life.”Photo Credit: Getty


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