It’s another Friday and we’ve brought to you 16 Nigerians that shows the world what modest fashion scene has to offer:
Maryam Salam: She is a modest fashion blogger, social influencer and an online content editor born in Lagos, Nigeria. She was raised in Paris, France and got her A-Levels in Business Administration, before moving to the UK for her graduate degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding.

Ganiyat Salami (a.k.a. Samurai Hijabi): She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that serves modest fashion goals at every opportunity she gets. This stylish hijabi owns a blog and a youtube channel titled ‘Samurai Hijabi’ where she primarily expresses and provides lifestyle & modest fashion tips and ideas for young professional women.

Zainab Ibrahim: Nigerian born Zainab Ibrahim is an interesting and stylish young muslim lady with a well put together modest fashion prowess. She is a 23-year-old graduate of History and International Studies from Kogi State University. Zainab is a muslimah that has made it a habit to always be comfortable in what she wears.

Hafsah Muhammad: Also known as Hafymo, Hafsah Muhammad is a Nigerian fashion, lifestyle, beauty and style blogger. She is the creative director of Elora collection, a modest fashion brand that designs outfits for women who choose to adopt a modest dress code into their lifestyle.

Arowolo Moyosoreoluwa Moana: popularly called Moyorgurl, this beauty is a Nigerian Sierra Leonean fashion blogger, teacher, model and designer. She is the CEO of Nimahs’ Couture, a modest fashion outlet that creates beautiful attires and hijabs. Moyorgurl is an environmentalist who had studied at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. She is a modest fashionista who is proud of her religion and ready to go to any length to portray that.

Hanifah Bhadmus: 22-year-old Hanifah Bhadmus is a muslim fashionista that portrays what modesty is all about with her classy outfits which she couples with a carefully worn hijab. She is a final year student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) one of the top and most respected universities in Nigeria.

Salmah Oyiza Abdulsalam: She is a Nigerian fashion, lifestyle & beauty blogger who owns and manage an online media platform called Dearsalmah where she documents her adventures as a writer, feminist, beauty, food, book and fashion lover.

Ghaneeyah Alaraba: She is a stylish modest fashion blogger, pharmacist and the founder of Neeyahz apparel, a fashion brand that provides varieties of trendy beautiful handbags and purses for the fashion forward women. This rare beauty was born and bred in Nigeria to muslim parents which has helped in shaping her journey through the modest world. She has never failed to impress with her unique style and we love how she rocks her hijab.

Ruqayyah Ayoola: She’s is a fashion blogger and designer born and bred in Nigeria. This muslim fashionista from Dream Wears, a casual clothing brand, gives out amazing modest fashion inspirations as she provides through her social media page amazing ideas on how to wear hijab and be modest at the same time.

Halimat Adekunle Olagunju: a.k.a prettylaw, Halimat Adekunle Olagunju is a Nigerian modest fashion blogger, influencer, fashion stylist, fashion designer-in-view, wife and mother. The native of Oyo state, Ibadan is from a family of five kids, all girls; she studied law at the University of Lagos and started her blog Dasy Pearls to share her fashion styles, ideas and to show the world how to be modest even as a fashion goddess.

Hadrat Abolade Mayowa: Popularly known as Haddiee, Hadrat Abolade Mayowa is a student, modest fashion blogger, fashion stylist and designer from the southern part of Nigeria. She is the founder of khayyira models, the first muslimah modelling agency in Africa currently located in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. As a woman of colour, Haddiee is inspiring so many Muslim women across the world with her unique style. She just inspires the fashion in you with her cool modest style.

Haneefah Adam: Also known as Muslimahanie, Haneefah Adam is a medical scientist, designer, visual artist, chef and hijab stylist. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and she’s one of the pioneer modest fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

Teslima Yusuf: popularly known as Hajia Belle, Teslima Yusuf is a fashion lover, beauty blogger and a professional freelance make up artist with her makeover and personal styling brand, Ma Belle. The Lagos born Muslim fashionista is a gorgeous wife and mother of three who isn’t afraid to remain stylish. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and an MBA in Financial Services. Her modest and expressive style consists of a lot of florals, patterns and other trendy pieces which are styled with beautiful accessories.

Amira: She is a Nigerian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger; her blog ‘Ajoi’ consists of the first initials of her four birth names and it’s also a play off one of her middle names, “Joy.” Fashion to Amira is a form of expression; beautifying herself is something that she cherished. She created her blog on the first of November, 2017 as a way to express the creative side of herself and embark on an adventure that will allow her to explore her passions through delivering amazing contents, giving her a connection to the beauty and fashion industry.

Zakariyah Hikmat: She is neither a blogger nor a makeup artist but has made a huge impact among muslimahs who are willing to dress fashionably without compromising their religion. This rare gem was born and bred here in Nigeria; she is a plant biologist who studied at the University of Ilorin, one of the best Universities in Nigeria. She recently got married and has given all the prove that any muslimah will need to believe that nothing is stopping her from being the best lady she ought to become.

Hanifaah: She is a muslim model and style blogger born and raised in Nigeria. This beautiful fashionista never fails to show her love for fashion and beauty as she strikes incredible pose with her fantastic modest outfits which she couples with her stylish hijab. With a style featuring abayas, maxi skirts, printed top and denim jeans, Hanifaah has done a good job being a role model to other muslimahs who intend to combine fashion with modesty without compromising their religion.

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