An Interesting picture journey on the evolution of gele tying in Nigeria would make you realise that change is constant, growth is inevitable and Africans are creative. This would also make you appreciate African talent in every form of it.

While doing the picture research, we got really impressed about the changes and innovation that has happened overtime in the gele tying industry.
It is actually typical of a Nigerian woman to tie gele to a social event that requires her to put on her traditional African attire. In fact, most Nigerian women feel incomplete without a gele sitting perfectly like a crown on their heads. It can be simple, elaborate, glamorous – it should just be on their heads.

Beauty and fashion artisans soon discovered that they could take up the task of making these women look spectacular with their gele tying skills, so they made it a vocation.
The Journey:
Gele tying started from the less sophisticated style to the sophisticated styles that later gave birth to the innovative automatic gele. These pictures will be in order of how the tying game changed over time.

The creativity got intense that other styles came into existence. We don’t even know who thought about these things:

It is now possible to tie two different fabrics to make one gele:

Also, the rose style was invented:

The fan style

Zig Zag Style

Beautiful embellishments can now be seen on them:

Till we got to the Auto Gele that is trending now:

Photo credit: Getty


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