Brazilian football star, Neymar has gotten many all up in their feelings as he debuted a new hairstyle. the talented footballer took to IG to show off his new dreadlocks hairstyle that sees him shaving off both sides of his hair and dreading just the middle part. The 26-year old who is fighting hard to be fit for the World Cup, truth be told does look good in dreads. In an interview with HighsNobeity, Neymar opened up on his love for sneakers and fashion. Read excerpts from the interview; How does your personal style reflect your personality? I think it is a combination of things. When you are happy you put on some nice clothes and when you go to someplace like a restaurant you try to look beautiful. So I think my personal style reflects a lot about my personality. You’ve had a lot of different hairstyles, why do you change it so much and what’s next? I don’t know what will be the next haircut. I change a lot because I like it and I think it’s funny. You can be different.”  Photo Credit: Neymar


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