In the ever evolving world of fashion, new styles, combinations, and patterns have been created to meet the demands of people across the world. Since the year started the velvet been casting waves on the fashion industries’ stage as foreign and local designers have all incorporated it in their collections.Velvet is a classic smooth piece of fabric that has always managed to find its way back onto the fashion scene after disappearing for some time. When worn, it screams the words fierce and powerful, though sometimes it gives a sense of mystery.At the end of the day, it all depends on how it is designed and worn, this kind of fabric can even whisper elegance. However, mix-matching this lustrous fabric can be quite tricky and if you aren’t careful they can be an easy miss instead of a hit. However, the result is worth the efforts. See more about the latest velvet Aso Ebi styles of 2017 below:

Photo Credit: Getty


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