You can call Lydia Ekeng a sexy scientist, although she has a degree in Chemistry, Lydia is a fashion blogger and her
vintage style is something to be reckoned with. Ekeng tells us the basic things we need to know about her person and fad in this chat with KOKO TV.
How would you describe your style?
Personal style it is. I often detect my style, the way I want to look in a particular outfit. When I find a lovely outfit I always recreate and style it in a different way just to make it my very own.
Who (and what) inspired your fashion style?
Anything inspires me. Celebrities, social media, the environment and colors.
Who is your fashion, beauty and style icon?
My Fashion Icon is Agbani Darego. My style icon is Gigi Hadid. My beauty Icon is Ronke Raji, she has a way of creating beauty in such a distinctive way.

What was your style like as a teen?
As a teen I believe I went with the trend. I didn’t have a specific style.
What is your make-up bag essential?
Translucent powder, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, eyeshadow palette, eyelashes, lipsticks/lip gloss.
What’s your shoe of choice? Heels? Wedge? Platform? Flatties?
Personally, I only buy shoes that I absolutely fall in love with. For comfort I love fat shoes but I can’t do without a pair of heels

You have the hardest time getting dressed for?
For everything. Lol! I practically spend almost an hour everyday just to decide on what to put on to work. I’m not that lady who picks out an outfit a day before, so yea! It’s an everyday thing.
What accessory is it that you cannot live without?
I love experimenting with different accessories everyday whether it be a pair of sunglass or small statement tote bags. Well, I will definitely go nowhere without my camera.
How long do you spend doing your make-up yourself?
I think I spend at least 30miutes to have my makeup on. I’m not sure because I don’t time mysef. Lol!

On weekends, you’re most often spotted wearing?
On weekends you will most likely spot me in a mummy jeans and a cropped top.
Which living person do you most admire, and why?
I admire my Mum. Well who won’t. She is an absurdly accomplished woman. She gives without expectations toward returns. I admire Oprah too.

What’s the cheapest and most expensive thing in your make-up bag?
Cheapest-razor. Most expensive- my foundation.
Lucky number and favourite colour?
My lucky number is 2 and my favorite color is black.
What are your favourite sunglasses?
Favorite sunglasses- Versace and Thom Browne

What is your best style advice?
Stick to what works best for you and learn best to wear what you already own in your wardrobe.
What are your opinions on cosmetic surgery?
If people can afford it then more power to their elbows. But, I think a lot of people who get plastic surgery don’t realize how beautiful and awesome God created them. I personally would never want one done. I guess it’s up to each of us to be ready to embrace the change that comes with time, just as we grow and change in our romantic partnerships, our family and our career, so too should we be ready to embrace our physical change.

Photo Credit: Lydia Ekeng


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