Olawale Ashimi widely known as BrymO is currently warming up for his upcoming concert on December 9, 2017. The 31-year-old whose music is a sync of fuji, R&B, pop and rock talked about being the best artiste in Nigeria and how sticking to his genre of music was a hard task in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in a brief chat with KOKOTV during his rehearsals ahead of the upcoming concert.
KOKOTV: How high is your anticipation for the concert?
Brymo: Very high. We have been preparing for a number of months so we expect to have a great show.
KOKOTV: After your viral tweet about being the best artistes in Nigeria, how did you feel after the reactions you got?
BrymO: Indeed I am the best thing to ever happen to Nigeria music industry and I stand by it firmly. I can’t recollect any negative reactions naturally when you say stuff people will not agree with you that doesn’t mean anything because the fact is there. In the business of music making, music is the yardstick to judge a great artiste and if you decide that is fame, I am as famous as anyone else. If you decide that is the revenue you create from your music nobody creates more revenue from their music in Nigeria than BrymO. Watch video below.


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